Research that matters to us

Hélène Hotte, kidney and pancreas transplant recipient, and Dr.Hébert

Ms. Hotte experienced no organ rejection thanks to the vision of and research by researchers like Dr. Marie-Josée Hébert.

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Lucien Bouchard

Partner, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg

It is with considerable honor and pride that I chose to participate in the Grand Labo this year. Join us on October 15 to celebrate the excellence and devotion of the CRCHUM's researchers.

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Le Grand Labo du CRCHUM 2015

October 15, 2015 at l’Arsenal (Montreal)

The Grand Labo is a fundraising gala. All proceeds will be used to support the CRCHUM’s research activities and to recruit the best researchers in the world.

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Dr. Robert J. Lefkowitz

Guest of honor - Nobel Prize

Robert J. Lefkowitz, MD is James B. Duke Professor of Medicine and Professor of Biochemistry at the Duke University Medical Center and the 2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.He is best known for his studies of G protein coupled receptors, a field which he has pioneered for more than 45 years.

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A unique event

Le Grand Labo du CRCHUM is a unique charity event that puts the spotlight on the researchers of the CHUM Research Centre. Le Grand Labo highlights the importance of the research that takes place at CRCHUM while raising funds that are entirely devoted to supporting its researchers.


Combining passion, rigor and hard work, the researchers are geniuses who fight to discover new solutions that bring hope to patients. They have the will to innovate, to transform and surpass themselves for the good of their fellow man. Excellence is at the heart of their work, like excellence is at the heart of CRCHUM’S mission. Without their dedication to their art, the research wouldn’t exist.

During the sixth edition of Le Grand Labo, taking place on October 15th, 2015 at Montreal’s Arsenal, the work of CRCHUM’s researchers will be recognized. This event has a twofold purpose of thanking guests for their generous contributions, and to raise additional funds for research.

Pairing humour and class, master of ceremonies Stéphan Bureau will lead an unforgettable experience. Not only will you experience an evening of haute cuisine, but also the pleasure of witnessing outstanding artistic performances. We invite you to participate in this prestigious fundraising event; we’re certain that it will be a night to remember.

Photographe: Frederic Raevens