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Honorary Patrons

A group of Quebec leaders who have come together to encourage and put the spotlight on scientific excellence by showing their support for the researchers at the CRCHUM, North America’s largest francophone biomedical research centre.

Me Lucien Bouchard

Honorary President

Me Lucien Bouchard, Partner, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg

A distinguished lawyer, Lucien Bouchard joined Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg in 2001, where he is a partner in the Corporate/Commercial, Litigation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Energy and Mining practices. Renowned for his brilliant diplomatic and political career, Lucien Bouchard founded the Bloc Québécois in 1991 and served as Premier of Quebec from 1996 to 2001. He was promoted to the rank of Commandeur de l’Ordre national de la Légion d’honneur by the French government in 2002 and to the rank of Grand Officier de l’Ordre national du Québec in 2008.

Me Marie-Ève Bélanger
Me Marie-Ève Bélanger, Associate, MCarthy Tétrault

« The domain of medical search is a world of increasingly complex innovations, pursuing a single goal : to offer patients the best possible treatment. The expertise of our physicians is precious, just like your support for the CHUM Research Centre. October 15th will mark a new beginning; a launch into scientific breakthroughs which you and I will have made possible by our contributions. »

Geneviève Biron
Geneviève Biron, CEO, Biron

« I have the greatest admiration for those who work in the field of biomedical research and who are committed to improving the quality of life and the well-being of patients. The discoveries made by the CRCHUM’s researchers have a beneficial impact on all of us. Therefore I am proud to be involved in this great event that is the Grand Labo to celebrate research all together. »

Claude Chevalier
Claude Chevalier, President, Bio-K Plus International

« Thanks to innovative protocols, research offers hope to those for whom medicine has reached its limits. The CRCHUM's researchers strive for excellence and they need our support to keep moving forward. Let's make
this 2015 Grand Labo’s edition a tremendous success. »

Manon Choinière
Manon Choinière, Researcher, CRCHUM

As a researcher for chronic pain treatment and evaluation, I noticed that research is essential in order to improve millions of patients’ condition and health. Despite considerable scientific advances, much more work is needed in health prevention sector. By participating to the Grand Labo on October 15th, you will contribute to the advancement of research, scientific improvements and, as a result, a greater well-being of an entire population. We are counting on your appreciated support. Thank you! »

Mario Di Palma
Mario Di Palma, President, Jutras Group

« The CRCHUM's researchers aim to gain knowledge that will benefit the patients.
It's not about being goof but about being the best. That’s why research protocols are essential to push back the limits of existing medicine. Let's be part of this 5th edition for those who hope that research will give them a second chance. »

Dr Pavel Hamet
Dr Pavel Hamet, Researcher, CRCHUM

Today's research will help revolutionize medicine in the 21st century. As a physician-scientist, I am able to see how patients will reap the benefits of the extraordinary work done in our laboratories, including personalized medicine. Through research, genetics will allow us to customize treatments as well as prevention. This is a major shift. I also know that without your support, these advances will be impossible. »

Vincent Joli-Coeur
Vincent Joli-Coeur, Vice-President, National Bank Financial

The CRCHUM’s researchers are among the best in the world. Each and every day, they wage a battle to stem the tide of chronic diseases. Their scientific choices often translate into better ways of preventing and treating these afflictions. By choosing to support the CRCHUM, on October 15, you are choosing to support scientific progress and the battle against the chronic diseases that potentially affect our lives and those of our loved ones. »

Michel Leblanc
Michel Leblanc, Manager Major Projects

A wise man once told me, accepting to be good is refusing excellence. Our researchers at the CRCHUM have certainly been enlightened by the same wisdom because they apply this notion of excellence in their everyday work. Health is our most precious possession. Hundreds of trails lead to discoveries and treatments to preserve this wealth. To insure the achievement of these discoveries, I invite you to support research by participating in the CRCHUM's Grand Labo taking place October 15th. I look forward to seeing you there. »

Dr Vincent Poitout
Dr Vincent Poitout, Research Director, CHUM & Scientific Director, CRCHUM

As a Scientific Director, I think health is one of our most precious possessions. For our generation and those to come, work by the CRCHUM’s researchers is indispensable for the wellbeing of our community. Their contributions to understanding the chronic diseases that affect us all make it possible to stem their devastating effects. »

Dr Alexandre Prat
Dr Alexandre Prat, Deputy Director - Academic Development, CRCHUM

« In each and every researcher at the CHUM Research Centre is a human who wants to take care of people. We cannot predict the future but a simple truth remains : the scientific advances of today will become the cures of tomorrow. I invite you to take part in the Grand Labo 2015 and, by extension, to join the genius of our scientists in a collective support movement for the health and well-being of all. »

Jacques Turgeon
Jacques Turgeon, Grand Labo Founding Member

Excellence lies at the heart of the CRCHUM’s mission – excellence in research, excellence in training, and excellence in our commitment to improving the health of the general population. Our researchers and students are among the best in the world. They chose Montreal and the CRCHUM to meet the challenges related to preventing and treating chronic diseases. It is now up to us to show our support for their efforts. »